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Software Name Upload Date Working %
Maxwell render 04-10-2019 81.52%
Maxwell 27-07-2018 79.34%
Next Limit Maxwell Render Suite v3.0.1.0 04-01-2018 85.14%
Nextlimit Maxwell 3.1.11 for Maya (2012-2016) (Win-Mac-Linux) 13-12-2016 81.38%
Maxwell Render (Mac) 13-12-2016 85.82%
Maxwell Render v3.1.0 With Houdini 14 And 3ds Max 2015 Plugins (x64) 13-12-2016 86.08%
Next Limit Maxwell Render Suite v3.0.0.6 (Mac) 13-12-2016 82.12%
Maxwell Render v3.1.0 With Houdini v14 And 3ds Max 2015 Plugins (x64) 13-12-2016 79.60%
NextLimit Maxwell Render 3.1.1 (x64) 13-12-2016 82.75%
Maxwell Render 2.6.10 x86 x64 13-12-2016 83.95%
Nextlimit Maxwell Render v2.7.20 With Plugins 13-12-2016 81.48%
Maxwell Render 3.1.0 Suite (Mac OSX) 13-12-2016 85.98%
Nextlimit Maxwell Render v3.1.1.0 13-12-2016 85.37%
Next Limit Maxwell Render Suite v3.0.1.0 (x64) 13-12-2016 79.03%
Maxwell Render Suite v3.0.0.6 (Mac) 13-12-2016 82.55%
Next Limit Maxwell Render Suite v3.0.1.0 13-12-2016 86.46%
Next Limit Maxwell Render Suite v3.0.0.6 (Mac OSX) 13-12-2016 79.60%
Maxwell Render v3.1.0 Suite (Mac) 13-12-2016 85.40%
Maxwell Render v3.1.0 Suite (Mac OSX) 13-12-2016 78.70%
Maxwell Render v3.0.0.1 (Mac OSX) 13-12-2016 88.68%
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